The Sweetest Badass.


Born and raised in Taiwan. After couple years of working in Asia professionally in Theatre, I came to US to further my acting training. Guaranteed the Master Degree in Acting from Columbia University in NYC, during which period, I fell in love with New York's unpredictable artsy sceneries, abundant Theatre phenomena and unique personalities this city presents---I decided to stay.

Well over 6 years working on both stage and screen in the States, I've grown to become a more experienced and versatile actor:

Invited to Sundance Directors Lab as the Lead Actres in a Feature Film, 2015

Nominated as Best Actress in Planet Connection Festival in NYC, 2015

Winner of Best Actress, LA Movie Awards, 2015

Winner of Best Acting In a Short Film, Asian Film Festival of Dallas, 2015


* What's Special about Wei-Yi Lin? *



For my unique multi-cultural background and training in both Chinese and American acting systems, I have the deep understanding of the subtle differences between West and East when it comes to human behaviors, cultural conflicts, and just choices of conversations behind characters' actions. 

5 years of dance background, one year training in WuShu( Martial Arts), trained under Anne Bogart and Barney O'Hanlon of ViewPoints Technique, and Physical Theatre Training from Niky Wolcz---I am a physical Theatre maniac and I believe that all actors should always connect emotions with their own bodies. 


I now reside in NYC, and fly to LA and Taiwan as work leads me to. Everyday, I strive to better myself, to become a better actor who could serve a story to its best potential. I also am a contracted-columnist for the biggest Women's website in Taiwan- for raising awareness of a woman's rights, self confidence, and power.